"Spiritual Growth"

"Spiritual Growth"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pray these Spiritual Warfare Prayers for the Church Daily

Does it feel like the Church is under attack, Do you struggle with Fasting and Praying. 

Here's one of the enemy's strategy when attacking the Church and Christians.

12 Things satanist speak (or say) Daily against the Church and Christians:

1. That the Anti-Christ will come before the church is ready.
2. That ministries, leaders, and missionaries will fall.
3. That ministries and works of the Lord will be destroyed.
4. That Christians become complacent, want peace above all, seek churches that do not preach the full gospel and pastors who will seek peace at all costs.
5. That Christians stop fasting and praying.
6. That Gifts of the Spirit shall be ignored.
7. That families and marriages break up.
8. That pastors, ministers, and leaders of The Body fall into dispute and turn on each other.
9. No unity of pastors and churches within cities.
10. That pastors and leaders fall into illness and disability so they can no longer carry on.
11. That the next generation will be murdered and not come into their generational destiny.
12. That the church will not loose and equip people to come into their destiny.

Here are some Prayers Christians can Pray to Reverse these curses:

1. That the Anti-Christ will not come before the church is ready.

2. That Ministries, Godly Leaders, and Missionaries will succeed.

3. That Ministries and works of the Lord will succeed.

4. That Christians will become on Fire for God, and Seek the Kingdom, and seek deliverance ministries and pastors who teach spiritual warfare and truth.

5. That Christians will Fast and Pray.

6. That the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will be desired and pursued.

7. That Families and Marriages will be United and not broken.

8. That Pastors, Ministers and Godly Leaders will be in unity and on one accord with each other.

9. Unity of Pastors and Churches.

10. That Pastors and Godly Leaders will walk in Healing and Health so they can continue the Fight.

11. That the next generation will serve God and not Die, but Live and lead their generation to Christ.

12. That the Church will Loose and Equip people to come into their destiny and purpose of God.

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